Tickets for the PBIF Virtual Festival. While our festival will be streamed across several platforms free of charge, you have a chance to be part of the Zoom Room throughout the festival. See your options below.

VIP Nightly Ticket – $10

You will be included in the Zoom Room with the actors during one night of PBIF. This means you can give suggestions, interact with the actors via chat and provide the live laugh track to our festival. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the festival.

VIP Full Festival – $25

This is the upgraded VIP Ticket. It includes inclusion in the Zoom Room with the actors for the ENTIRETY of the festival. You’ll still be able to offer suggestions, chat with the actors and help provide our live laugh track. In addition, you’ll receive a special invite to be in the Zoom Room with our actors at Tech Rehearsal, a private event on Saturday, September 19.

For either of these options, a link will be delivered to your inbox on a daily basis.