Unconsciously Coupled

Sarasota, Fla. Joe Rinaldi, Kathy Rinaldi Unconsciously Coupled, a husband-wife duo, likes to explore what makes long-time co-workers – or relationships of any kind – click! Their set combines humor, warmth and wit as they find the true heart of those who are unconsciously coupled.

That Voice in Your Head

Fort Lauderdale, FL Greg Philippi That voice in your head is the voice that’s always present, trying to get your attention though we try our best to drown it out in our waking hours. That voice in your head is also a one man show exploring characters, events and places through scenes, music and song, based on an […]

It’s All About Amy

St. Augustine, Florida Amy Angelilli plus special guest It’s All About Amy is the unscripted story of Amy’s life that combines true monologues about Amy’s childhood in Philadelphia with true-ish scenes. Audiences are left to figure out if art is imitating life or the other way around. Consider it a fictional interpretation of a non-fiction […]